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Electrical control schematic diagram

  Electrical principle diagram is drawn according to the principle of electrical action, for the analysis of the principle of action and troubleshooting. Without considering the actual structure and installation of electrical components. Through circuit diagram, it can be understood in detail the composition and working principle of the electric control system, and can provide enough information for the test and search for the fault.

  1 electrical schematic drawing

  Electrical diagram, the general sub - main circuit and control circuit two parts were drawn. The main circuit is the driving circuit of the device, which is controlled by the control circuit. The main circuit is usually used in the painting pattern on the left side of the thick solid line (or above). In the electric drive circuit, in fact, is the power of the device, electric motors and other electrical equipment, etc..

  The control and auxiliary circuit generally with thin lines painted on the right side (or below). Control circuit, auxiliary circuit to separate. The control circuit draws the action sequence of the control apparatus for controlling the main circuit, and draws the action sequence of the control apparatus used for other control requirements. The control circuit is composed of a contactor and a relay coil and a variety of electrical appliances, which are often used to open and close contacts. Auxiliary circuit is the signal and lighting part of the device. Main circuit, control circuit and other auxiliary signal lighting circuit, protective circuit together constitute the electronic control system.

  The electric circuit can be horizontal or vertical layout. When the level is set, the power line is drawn vertically, the other circuit level is drawn, and the energy dissipation element in the control circuit is drawn at the right end of the circuit. When the vertical layout, power line level, other circuit vertical painting, control circuit in the energy consuming components in the bottom of the circuit.

  2 component drawing and device status

  Electrical schematic diagrams of all electrical components are not drawn from the actual contour map, and the use of national standards for graphic symbols and text symbols. Each component of the same electrical appliance can be drawn in different places according to the need, but must be labeled with the same words. The movable part of the electrical schematic diagram of all the components of the device is usually expressed in the condition and position of the electrical appliances non - excitation or not working. Among them, the common components of the state:

(1) the coil of the relay and the contactor is in a non excited state.

(2) the circuit breaker and the isolating switch are in the open position.

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