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DOW active power filter (APF) for power energy saving contribution
   In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy and the strong growth in electricity consumption, but to China's energy supply and environmental protection has brought tremendous pressure and challenges. Saving energy and reducing consumption has become a major problem related to the national economic security, market competition ability, resources and environmental protection and other social and economic sustainable development. Electricity and human production and life are closely related. Must save energy, improve energy efficiency, realize the sustainable development of electric power. Higher requirements for the quality and safety of power.

   Because most of the electrical equipment in the life is nonlinear load, the harmonic current is generated and the voltage distortion caused by the injection of the grid is injected into the power grid. For example: rectifier device, frequency converter, medical equipment, DC power, DC power, charging equipment, induction heating equipment, electric arc furnace, welding equipment, EPS, UPS, lighting equipment, stage lighting, elevator air conditioning and other household appliances, electric railway, drag motor, computer and other office equipment, etc..

   Power filter (APF) can solve the problem of power transformer and generator's loss increase, which can generate heat, damage and noise. It can solve the problem of cable's overheating, insulation aging, the increase of dielectric loss of capacitor, the problem of overheating. De Yin active power filter (APF) can solve, sensitive loads mutual interference, computer errors, crashes; protection device for sewage misoperation or maloperation, switch trip; servo motor to produce pulse and AC motor vibration, noise increases; generating circuit of the conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI), digital transmission clap, and cut the communication; automatic equipment PC motherboard damage; lighting and display flashing device and so on. The active power filter (APF) can improve the efficiency of power supply and distribution equipment, ensure the system voltage stability, ensure the quality of the power grid, the real stability of the waveform, the frequency stability, reduce the burden of the grid, and increase the available capacity of the power grid.

   In short, the role of the active power filter is real-time harmonic control, dynamic compensation reactive power, eliminate the three-phase imbalance, improve power factor, saving electric energy to extend the service life of power equipment, maintain the continuity and stability of production power supply and safety, improve production efficiency.

   Do Win energy technology working in the fields of energy, attention electric energy quality management, electrical equipment and safety system solutions, comprehensive mining electric energy application efficiency and potential, is the power quality comprehensive treatment program designers and practitioners. Germany and the German professional technology and energy transmission, and uphold the nature, to maintain the natural, the core values of achievements, to become the world's leading power to guard experts. For energy saving and environmental protection, the achievement of natural contribution strength!
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