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Active power filter (APF) and power efficiency
    Under the background of global energy situation, low carbon energy saving is an eternal topic in modern society. With the rapid development of the global economy and the growing demand for energy, the energy shortage and environmental degradation phenomenon has finally made mankind realize the importance and urgency of energy conservation. The country put forward to "low carbon economy" the macroscopical promotion, bring the machine for the development of green industry.

   DOW active power filter (APF) products through external CT real-time acquiring current signals sent to the signal processing circuit, and then sending the FPGA to the controller, controller will be the fundamental component separation and extract all the harmonics; controller will be collected to the harmonic components and the Dow has issued a compensation current comparison difference as real-time compensation signal output to the driving circuit, trigger IGBT Converter will compensate harmonic current injected into the grid, harmonic filtering function.

   DOW active power filter (APF) product introduction of the European technology, the use of the most advanced active harmonic compensation technology, dynamic elimination of power grid harmonics. Real time detection of nonlinear load generated by the current waveform, the advanced FFT algorithm to analyze the harmonic part, and then through the IGBT inverter circuit output equivalent to the harmonic current, to offset the load harmonics, to ensure that the current from the grid to draw the sine wave, to achieve the harmonic filter. And provide advanced or lagging reactive current, for improving the power factor of the grid, to achieve dynamic reactive power compensation.

   Only the power factor is high (0.98 or more) can cause the loss of power system can be reduced to a minimum, high energy saving.
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