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Relationship between active power filter (APF) and safety production

    Safe production is the eternal topic, any high efficiency of production enterprises or individuals, if once a security incident, so the front of all the work efficiency will be cleared. Even the chance to start again. Especially in the production of electricity or power equipment safety, electricity is the basic condition for our production and life, and now the society if no electricity, production and life will not be carried out. But sometimes electricity is also a tiger, why? That is to say, the safety of power is very important,

   Because most of the electrical equipment in the life is nonlinear load, the harmonic current is generated and the voltage distortion caused by the injection of the grid is injected into the power grid. For example: rectifier device, frequency converter, medical equipment, DC power, DC power, charging equipment, induction heating equipment, electric arc furnace, welding equipment, EPS, UPS, lighting equipment, stage lighting, elevator air conditioning and other household appliances, electric railway, drag motor, computer and other office equipment, etc..

   Hazards: large line loss, so that the cable insulation aging, transformer capacity to reduce (according to statistics 80% more than the fire accident is due to insulation aging), induced grid resonance, leading to excessive voltage and current, causing serious accidents, power equipment protection device error or refused to act (as some of the elevator instantaneous control directly fall, amusement park equipment to the air and even casualties), etc.

   Do Win (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to introduce the European technology of active power filter (APF) can solve our current problems, ensure that the THDI is less than 0.98, PF greater than 5%, to eliminate the phenomenon of three-phase imbalance, so as to ensure the safety of our production and life.

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