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What are the three phase five wire / three phase four wire?
  Three phase line, a zero line, which is four lines, is what we usually say the three-phase four wire, due to the construction of environmental factors in order to ensure the safe use of electricity increased by a root ground. So it becomes the three-phase five wire the. This is must. Is equivalent to our home for a single phase electric power of the plug is the three eye is a reason, are out of safety considerations.

  What does the three phase power mean?

  Three current. The three-phase current is emitted by the generator, and they are in the current direction (y) and the time variation (x) of the coordinates of the differential 1/3 cycles, 120 electric angle. Each phase line voltage of three-phase electricity is 380V, for general industrial use of electricity. Household electricity use one line (line) with a zero line voltage, 220V.

  Three phase five wire system is what does it mean?

  The three-phase five wire five line is: 3 phase wires plus a ground wire of a zero line. Generally the most widely used low-voltage transmission mode is three-phase four wire system, the zero line of the power supply with three root phase, zero line by the transformer neutral point lead and grounding, the voltage is 380 / 220V, take any single phase line and the zero line composed of a 220V power supply line for general household, three phase line voltage is 380V, general power machine use.

  Three phase five wire system is more than three phase four wire system, for the safety requirements of high, equipment for uniform grounding. The three-phase five wire system knowledge is that the two with "zero line", used in the comparison of precision electronic instrument in power system, if the zero line and the ground wire sharing a line, for the circuit work in zero will be affected, although in theory they are 0 potential point, if occasionally there is a surge pulse to zero, and the zero line and the ground is not separated, such as this is because the phase pulse caused by leakage, and some electronic circuits if zero drift phenomenon is serious if the electrical enclosure may be charged, may damage the electrical components, electrical appliances and even damaged, causing the risk personal safety. The fundamental difference between the zero line and the ground is a working circuit, a protective effect is called protective earthing, a grid, a return to the earth, in the electronic circuit of the two concepts are distinguished, in the formal company, the two lines required separate.

  Now in practice and a three-phase six wire connection, except for the zero line of work, protection grounding, specially with a grounding line, this line and the ground wire of the equipment separately to pick, is not connected with any other line, used for the protection of equipment, because of the damage of the electrical parts often only a few microseconds time, so will miss the action current faster lead back to earth require instruments directly to ground.
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